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Budget Review FAQ

    • A query is a report to be able to view changes in Budget Development
    • A workbook is an active worksheet to be able to make changes to your budget
  • This depends on your security level access. 

    VP level access-
    The Provost/VP of Academic Affairs has VP plan level access to all fund centers that begin with a 13*.

    Dean/Director access-
    Those that follow in the next level of the reporting/fund center hierarchy. The Dean of the College of Education has Dean/Director plan level access to all fund centers that begin with 1319*.

    Account Manager access-
    These would be all remaining fund centers in the reporting/fund center hierarchy. Health & Human Performance with fund center 131911000 will have account manager plan level access. 

    If you are unsure of your plan level access you can contact us at

  • No. If there are no changes to be made, there is no button to push to notify our office that your budget has been reviewed. If you make changes in the Budget Development system, then your changes can be viewed at the Dean/Director, Vice President, and Budget Office levels.

  • Permanently funded accounts that start with a 1*, 2*, or 3*. 

    Read more to review a list of fiscal year funds.

    Read more to review a list of multi-year funds.

  • You can contact our office at for helping getting your security access set up. 

    Access Security Form Here

  • No, BEx Analyzer only works on PCs using the SAP Business Client. As a workaround option you can use the Texas State Remote Apps to access the SAP Business Client from a Mac. Please visit the IT Services website for more information on how to use Remote Apps.

  • If you have an income generating account, you’ll likely have to make some changes/updates to your budget.  The Account Manager should have received an email with needed changes. Second Primary Fund Group  may not/should not have changes to be made, but should at least be reviewed. “Review” means to run the Current Bud Dev Salary Budget Comparison Query and the Current Budget Development report regularly to stay informed on any changes that could have occurred in another level.

    Please visit our Budget Review Training Documents page for training videos providing assistance in running the above mentioned reports. 

  • Changes in the workbook should only be processed in the workbook if the change is truly for the upcoming fiscal year. Permanent changes in SAP should be processed if the change can be done in the current fiscal year.

  • Review your budget and continue to review your budget throughout the budget development process.

  • Until our office freezes the nightly loads. This usually occurs in mid-June. Please look at the budget development calendar found on the Annual Budget Review Timeline page for date references. 

  • Commonly Used Commitment Items for Budget Development

    640000 Revenue
    670010 Summer Faculty Total
    670011 Summer Prog Faculty
    670012 Summer Faculty
    670013 Summer Adjunct Faculty
    670014 Summer Grad Student
    670081 Graduate Student Salary
    670084 Faculty Salary - Adjunct
    670090 Faculty-Undergrad Students
    670093 Adjunct Group Item
    670094 TA/IA Group Item
    670100 Staff Salaries
    670101 Staff Awards
    670103 Staff Salaries - Hourly
    670105 University Longevity
    670140 Student Wages
    670141 Student Wage - Work Study
    670190 Comp/Overtime Pay
    670198 Staff Group Item
    670199 Staff Salary Review
    670220 State Longevity Pay
    670400 Fringe Benefits
    671000 Travel
    672000 Maintenance & Operations (M&O)
    672100 Administrative Overhead
    673000 Capital
    675000 Utilities