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Office of Budgeting & Financial Analysis

Welcome to the Office of Budgeting & Financial Analysis

The Office of Budgeting & Financial Analysis has as its mission to develop, facilitate, and deliver quality processes and information for budget development, budget control, and financial analysis. We strive to provide outstanding customer service and comprehensive and informed data to ensure fiscal integrity in support of the division and university strategic goals.


  • An email was sent on April 1, 2024, to account managers, department heads and department administrative support in regards to the annual budget review process for fiscal year 2025.

    Annual Budget Review for Fiscal Year 2025 Memo

    Please visit the Annual Budget Review section of our website for further information.  If you need any assistance, please contact us at 512-245-2376 or

  • In response to the effort to reduce administrative burdens across campus, completing the personnel position funding form for most postings will no longer be required.

     Effective immediately, the Personnel Position Funding Form will now only be required for the following three situations:

    •  When the proposed budget is more than what is currently in the position budget. Using the form allows for the identification of where additional funding is coming from and requires the division Vice President’s approval to use the funding source identified; or
    • When the proposed funding is coming from another position.  In the justification section, identify the position you are defunding, including the position number and title, as well as the new funding level for that position.  This will allow the division Vice President to assess whether they will approve the defunding of one position for another; or
    • You are creating a new position.

     Only under these three situations, the form should be signed by the Vice President within your division, and attached for workflow.  Please note that the Vice President for each division has the discretion to modify internal processes within their division and may continue to require the form in situations other than the three listed above.

    You can access the form in the “Forms” Section of our website or via this link  Position/Personnel Funding Approval form.  If you have any questions with the form you can refer to the Instructions for Position/Personnel Funding Approval Form on our website.  You can also contact us at 512-245-2376 or

  • Effective the beginning of Fiscal Year 2024, September 1, 2023, the rate charged for administrative overhead will increase from 1.94 percent to 4 percent.  

    As a reminder, the university charges administrative overhead to most unrestricted accounts (funds that start with a 2* or 3*).  This charge ensures that the cost of operating the university is shared by all units.  It contributes to the funding for services such as payroll, accounting, purchasing, human resources, and employee benefits.  This change will help offset additional costs incurred due to inflationary pressures so that we can continue to offer these services at existing levels. 

  • We are still conducting one-on-one training for staff utilizing Microsoft Teams.  Individual training can be scheduled by completing the request for training form: One-on-one Training Request  

    Please indicate the type of training and how urgent the training need is.

    For additional budget training the SAP Report Fundamentals training class is available online through the Training & Development tile in the SAP Portal.

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