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EOM Winner December

December 2022 Employee of the Month

juan morales

Juan Morales

Juan Morales, Network Technician, Network Operations, was selected as the December 2022 Employee of the Month.

Juan recently completed a project to modernize the telephone infrastructure. Prior to this work, service from the telephone company to the university was vulnerable to cable damage and equipment failures. One of the consequences of this decades-old design was the complete loss of telephone service on campus during last year's ice storm, which caused a complete electrical power outage in our main telephone equipment center. Juan's efforts ensured phone service is now delivered to campus over a highly redundant network that is more resilient to such failures. Moreover, telephone service through Microsoft Teams is no longer dependent on any on-campus systems.

Juan consistently goes out of his way to help others no matter the size of the task. He has helped ITAC tremendously with his knowledge of our telephone systems. This allows us to assist his department in triaging TelCom issues as best as we can so they can streamline install and repairs for users of the university. He follows through to make sure we understand the materials and is always available when we need assistance. Juan pitches in afterhours and on weekends when we discover major outages and will work until we can restore services.

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize Juan for his outstanding accomplishments and commitment to Texas State. His work rarely garners attention and may even go unnoticed because it happens behind the scenes, however, his cheerful attitude and commitment to customer service make him a standout team member!

Thank you, Juan, for your hard work and dedication. Congratulations on being selected as the December Employee of the Month!