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EOM Winner October

October 2022 Employee of the Month

kimberly garrett headshot

Kimberly Garrett

Donor Relations Director
University Advancement

Kimberly Garrett, Director, Donor Relations in the Office of University Advancement, was selected as the October 2022 Employee of the Month.

Kimberly has worked at Texas State for over 16 years and helps promote student success by working with academic and administrative offices to award all of their scholarships to the qualified students. She has worked diligently the last eight years to implement an endowment compliance program that has resulted in over 90% of the endowed scholarships awarded annually. She works carefully and diligently to give financial awards to students and has been a leader in helping implement the BOSS system, an online scholarship management system. This past year, she even helped to implement the ENGAGE module of the system which provides donors with current financial reports and thank you letters from the students to the donors.

Kimberly has always demonstrated the utmost professionalism in working with other campus offices and in talking to donors. She makes sure that students write and send thank you letters to the donors. This past summer, 379 letters were sent,leading to an increase of $60,000 in immediate funds sent by donors.

In August, Kimberly worked with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to identify a scholarship that could be used for one of our Uvalde students. She personally contacted the donor to see if he would consider awarding some of the funds from his scholarship to benefit the student resulting in the student eliminating some of his student loan debt. Kimberly always goes the extra mile to get as much funding for students as possible.

Thank you, Kimberly, for your hard work and dedication. Congratulations on being selected as the October 2022 Employee of the month!