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FSS Essential Offices and Staff

FSS DepartmentFSS OfficeEmergency Campus ClosureEnergy Conservation DaysPandemic - Campus Open
Auxiliary ServicesDirector, Auxiliary ServicesNon-essential/Not OpenNon-essential/Not OpenOffice not open, staff work remotely
Auxiliary ServicesFood ServicesEssentialEssential/OpenOffice open with regular staffing
Auxiliary ServicesID ServicesNon-essential/Not OpenNon-essential/Not OpenOffice open with limited staff
Auxiliary ServicesPrint and Mail ServicesNon-essential/Not OpenEssential/OpenOffice open with regular staffing
Auxiliary ServicesParking ServicesNon-essential (PS delivers barriers to locations where UPD places if/when needed, maintenance crew sands parking garages in advance of bad weather)Non-essential/Not Open Parking Officers on duty for JCK Booth ManagementOffice not open to public. Parking Officers and maintenance staff report to work on campus, other staff in office work remotely.
Auxiliary ServicesTransportation ServicesDirector Transportation Services (critical), Office Not Open, Staff and shuttle service report one hour before class start time established by administrationNon-essential/Not OpenOffice open with limited staff
Budget and PlanningAVP Budget and PlanningAVPBP (Key) Office Not OpenEssential/Open when VP not availableOffice open when VP not available Senior Admin. Asst. alternate with Exec. Asst. and Admin. Asst. II
Budgeting, Financial Planning, & AnalysisDirector Budgeting, Financial Planning, & AnalysisNon-essential/Not OpenNon-essential/Not OpenOffice open with limited staff- Director, Budgeting, Financial Planning, & Analysis (or appointee). Remaining staff work remotely
Environment Health, Safety, Risk, and Emergency ManagementEnvironment Health, Safety, Risk, and Emergency ManagementEssential - some staff in office depending on the eventEssential/Open with skeleton crewEssential/Open with the following on campus: EHS Specialists, Sr. EHS Specialists, EHS Supervisors, Fire Marshal, Director
FacilitiesAVP FacilitiesAVP Facilities (key), Office not openNon-essential/Not OpenNon-essential/Not Open
FacilitiesFacilities ManagementDirector, Facilities Mgt. (critical), Office Not OpenNon-essential/Not OpenEssential - office open except for Director, Asst. Dir. IT, Bus. Mgr., contract specialist, buyers, facilities mgt. technician, and programmer (work remotely)
FacilitiesFacilities OperationsDirector, Facilities Ops. (critical), Office Not OpenNon-essential/Not OpenEssential/Open except for Director, Asst. Dir., Admin. (work remotely)
FacilitiesFacilities Planning Design and ConstructionNon-essential/Not OpenNon essential, however, staff may be working with contractors on active projectsEssential/Open except for Director, Admin, accountants and buyers who work remotely
FacilitiesGrounds and Waste ManagementDirector, Grounds & Waste Mgt. Ops. (critical), Office Not OpenNon-essential/Not OpenEssential/Open except for Admin. Asst. (work remotely)
FacilitiesUtilities OperationsDirector, Utilities Ops. (critical), Office open for emergency and on-call personnel in plantEssential/Open for emergency and on-call personnelEssential/Open except for Tech Services
Financial ServicesAccountingNon-essential/Not OpenNon-essential/Not OpenEssential/Open
Financial ServicesAccounts PayableNon-essential/Not OpenEssential/OpenEssential/Open
Financial ServicesAVP Financial ServicesAVP Financial Services (critical), Office not openNon-essential/Not OpenEssential/Open
Financial ServicesMaterials Management; LogisticsNon-essential/Not OpenEssential/OpenEssential/Open
Financial ServicesPayroll & Tax ComplianceNon-essential/Not OpenEssential/OpenEssential/Open
Financial ServicesProcurement & Strategic SourcingNon-essential/Not OpenEssential/OpenEssential/Open
Financial ServicesTravelNon-essential/Not OpenEssential/OpenEssential/Open
Human ResourcesHuman Resources and BenefitsNon-essential/Not OpenEssential/Open with skeleton crewOffice open with limited staff
TreasurerStudent Business ServicesNon-essential/Not OpenEssential/OpenEssential/Open
TreasurerTreasurerNon-essential/Not OpenNon-essential/Not OpenNon-essential/Not Open
University Police DepartmentUPD and Emergency ServiceDirector, University Police Department (key), Office Open: Captains (critical), Patrol and Dispatch (essential), Office OpenEssential/Open with regular staffingOffice open with regular staffing
Vice President for Finance and Support ServicesOffice of Vice President FSSVPFSS (Key) Office Not OpenEssential/Open with skeleton crewOffice open/limited staff - Vice President for Finance and Support Services (alternate days with AVPBP): Exec. Asst. and Admin. Asst. II alternate with Sr. Admin. Asst.

*Unless otherwise noted, remaining staff work remotely