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Claims Procedure

Injured Employee

1.     Notify supervisor immediately when an incident, injury or exposure to an occupational disease occurs in course and scope of your job.

2.    Notify supervisor or Workers’ Comp specialist at once if medical services are needed due to a work-related injury or illness.  Do not pay for any medical services.

3.    If lost time from work occurs the employee must inform their supervisor that they are off work due to a work-related injury.  The employee is required to meet with the Workers’ Comp specialist to complete an election form as soon as lost time begins.  Do not return to work before clearing with the claims coordinator. The University requires a medical release to return to work.


  1. Complete a Supervisor's Report of Incident, Injury or Illness

  2. If applicable, have witness complete a Witness Statement. Send Original Witness Statement to Workers' Compensation Specialist within two days.

  3. Immediately notify the Workers' Compensation Specialist if the employee will need (or has received) medical treatment.

  4. Fax or provide a copy of the supervisor's report to the claims to the Workers' Compensation Specialist within 24 hours.

  5. Do not allow the employee to return to work before clearing it with the Worker's Compensation Specialist. The University required medical release to return to work. 

For question or concerns on how to file a claim contract our main office at 512-245-3616.