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Student Worker Safety

In the Fall of 2007, the Environmental, Health, Safety, Risk & Emergency Management Office officially launched the “Student Worker Safety Training” program. The program was created to provide safety awareness to Student Workers of potential hazards that they might encounter on campus thus reducing the number of injuries and claims reported by student workers.  It is estimated that Texas State employs approximately 3,000 Student Workers each year.


The “Student Worker Safety Training” is mandatory and must be completed within 30 days from the date of hire. The training only has to be completed once during employment at Texas State.  The requirement is applicable to all student workers, graduate assistants, interns or work study students regardless of the department or position they are filling.


This training (formerly through TRACS) will soon be administered through SAP. Student employees will be automatically flagged upon hiring and should complete this course within 30 days. Effective August 1st, all student workers who have not yet completed the training through TRACS will receive an email notification with instructions to take the training. Since many current student workers and their supervisors will receive the email, we wanted supervisors to be aware of this change in procedure. Records have been downloaded into SAP for student workers who have previously taken the training in TRACS, so they should not receive the notice.  


For questions about the training, please contact the Environmental, Health Safety, Risk & Emergency Management Office at For technical issues (logging on to SAP, accessing the training, browser settings, etc.), please contact ITAC at 512-245-4822.