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Recycling Program

TXST's recycling program is operated through a partnership among departments on campus. Waste Management oversees the recycling of glass, paper, cardboards, aluminum, plastic and toners (for information about recycling these items, please visit the Waste Management website). Environmental Health, Safety, Risk & Emergency Management (EHSREM) assists Waste Management by collecting and recycling other miscellaneous items generated in relation to work and/or studies performed on the TXST campus. 

Two student workers tabling on the Quad to educate students about recycling opportunities on campus.

Catch us on the Quad celebrating America Recycles Day every year on November 15th!

Items that EHSREM recycles include:

  • Batteries
    • Alkaline
    • Rechargeable
    • Nickle Cadmium
    • Nickle Metal Hydride
    • Lithium-ion
    • Sealed Lead Acid (No Car Batteries)
  • Cell phones
  • Ink jet cartridges
  • Bulbs

Please note that EHSREM only accepts items that were generated in relation to work and/or study activities on campus. 

How to Recycle: Batteries, Phones, and Ink Jets

Green bin that is used to collect batteries, phones, and ink jets for recycling

Dispersed around campus are green bins for the purpose of collecting old batteries, phones, and ink jets for recycling. Any batteries (except car batteries), cell phones, and ink jets that need to be recycled on the TXST campus may be placed in these green bins. Please refer to the Battery Recycling Locations for a complete list of bins that are accessible by any TXST student, faculty, and staff. 

Prior to recycling your cell phone, please ensure that you have erased your phone of all personal information. DO NOT put your personal information at risk. 

Note: All university-owned cell phones that are no longer being used should be returned to ITAC. 

How to Recycle: Bulbs

Bulb placed next to a cardboard box

In order to recycle bulbs generated on campus due to work and/or studies, please contact EHSREM by: 

Please prepare for the pick up by placing your bulb in a cardboard box. 


DO NOT place bulbs in the green bins. Batteries and bulbs should not be mixed.