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RSM Section VI | X-Ray Device Safety Program


This section will outline policies and procedures for radiation producing equipment.  The equipment referred to will be analytical X-Ray equipment, research accelerators, and other ionizing radiation producing equipment. These policies and procedures, established with the utmost concern for ALARA, are in addition to Texas Regulations for Control of Radiation Parts 34, 35, and other applicable regulations.


The Student Health Center is not required to adhere to the requirements of this section. SHC is a separate entity within Texas State University. The SHC is duly registered with the Department of State Health Services, Bureau of Radiation Control with a separate Certificate of Registration for radiation producing machines.

A. Registration

1.    The Texas Regulations for Control of Radiation require that radiation producing machines be registered with the Bureau of Radiation Control, Texas Department of State Health Services.
2.    Registration of proposed devices must be conducted through the RSO.

B. Personnel Protection

1.    Personnel Monitoring: If required, all operating personnel and personnel in the immediate area shall wear a film badge or other personnel monitoring device, as supplied by the RSO.
2.    Personnel Safety - Personnel specifically responsible for such equipment shall:

a.  Used or to be used;
b. Ensure that all rules and regulations (Texas State University, federal, state and local) have been implemented and are followed; and
c.   Ensure that all users have attended the Texas State University Radiation Safety Course (given by the RSO) for radiation producing equipment prior to using the radiation producing equipment.
d.  Complete the required training as per EHSRM-RSF-09 “Analytical X-Ray Operator Qualifications” and forward completed document to the RSO.

C. Facilities Posting and Labeling

1.    Areas: Areas in which radiation producing equipment are located or are being used shall be posted with a standard "CAUTION – X-RAY RADIATION" sign.
2.    Devices: The controls of each radiation producing device shall bear a label or decal with the statement: "CAUTION RADIATION - THIS EQUIPMENT PRODUCES RADIATION WHEN ENERGIZED." Signs, labels and decals are available from the RSO.

D. Radiation Surveys And Record Keeping Requirements

1.    Record of Operation: A logbook and a copy of the operating procedures (for that particular instrument or area) shall be attached to each instrument or near the control panel.
2.    Radiation surveys:

a. Radiation surveys will be conducted after every change that might increase radiation exposure hazard.

  • Following any change in initial arrangement, number, or type of local component.
  • Following maintenance requiring disassembly or removal of a local component.
  • During maintenance and alignment if the primary X-Ray beam is present when any local component is disassembled or removed.
  • Visual inspections reveal abnormal conditions.
  • Individual monitoring devices show a significant increase over previous monitoring period.

b. The results of each radiation survey shall be recorded in the log book.
c.   Radiation surveys shall be performed using only the appropriate instrument.

3.    Interlocks, visual and audible warning devices, and shutter mechanism checks shall be conducted at the same time as the radiation surveys and the results shall be recorded in the log book.

4.    Log book: Each log book (record) shall contain the following information:

a.  Users log (user, date, start, finish, power settings)
b. Survey Records (date, surveyor, instrument used, drawing or photograph of instrument/area, particular area surveyed, and results of the survey recorded in proper units.
c.   Safety device records (date, surveyor, drawing or detailed photograph of the instrument - indicating the location of the safety devices, results of the checks as to whether the devices were Operative (O) or Inoperative (IO).

5.    Written Safety Procedures:

a. Safety and Operating Procedures shall be written and updated as changes in that particular instrument or area warrant the need for revision.
b. The written safety and operating procedures shall be available to all users.

6.    Personal Safety Devices:

a.  Personal safety devices such as a lead apron or lead thyroid shield shall be identified and inspected on an annual basis. These devices are commonly used with Open Beam X-ray devices.
b.  These devices shall be inspected and documented in accordance with the Lead Apron Policy.

E. Radiation Safety Officer Requirements

1.    A radiation survey of all radiation producing devices shall be conducted on a 12 month interval by the RSO.
2.    All interlocks, visual and audible warning devices, and shutter mechanisms shall be inspected for proper operation on a 12 month interval by the RSO.

F. Additional Rules And Requirements

1.    The RSO, may require additional safety devices or procedures (beyond the minimum TAC requirements) to ensure conformance with ALARA. The following criteria will be used to determine the need for additional safety devices or procedures:

a. The number of persons involved with the use of the x-ray producing devices.
b. The need to reduce the chance of any unneeded exposures.
c.   The amount of personnel traffic in and out of the lab.
d. The age of the x-ray producing devices.
e.  The current safety devices in use.
f.   Number of x-ray producing devices located in a single area.
g. Previous compliance during local and state inspections.
h. Previous exposure reports.

2.    The structural shielding requirements of any new installation, or an existing one in which changes are contemplated, shall be reviewed with the RSO.
3.    No person shall be permitted to operate radiation-producing equipment in any manner other than specified in the procedures unless such person has obtained written permission from the RSO.
4.    No person shall bypass a safety device unless such person has obtained written permission from the.
5.    All log books and current Operating Procedures shall be readily available to each radiation-producing device or near the control panel.
6.    Each Authorized X-Ray User must maintain portable radiation monitoring device(s) capable and calibrated for the measurement of X-Ray radiation in beams of a small cross-section.
7.    The local components of any radiation producing equipment system shall be located and arranged and shall include sufficient shielding or access control such that no radiation levels exist in any area surrounding the local component group which could result in a dose to any individual present therein in excess of the dose limits given in this manual. These levels shall be met at any power rating.
8.    The RSO must be notified in advance of the procurement, transfer, or donation (received or given) of ALL radiation producing equipment.
9.    Radiation producing equipment transferred within Texas State University must be coordinated with the RSO.
10. The RSO shall be notified of any instrument taken out of use and placed into storage or prior to disposal.