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X-Ray Devices

X-Ray Tube
X-Ray Tube

RADIATION SAFETY is the responsibility of all faculty, staff, and students who are directly or indirectly involved in the use of radioisotopes or radiation producing devices.

The Texas State University at San Marcos is licensed by the state of Texas to use radioactive materials in research, development, and instruction. While this means a minimum of controls by the state, it entails the responsibility that we establish and pursue an effective Radiation Safety Program. It is the purpose of this manual to set out the guidelines of that program.

The use of radiation in a university, where a large number of people may be unaware of their exposure to radiation hazards, makes strict adherence to procedures established by federal and state authorities of paramount importance. Special efforts to ensure the safety of faculty, staff, students and the general public are essential. The Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management office has the responsibility for establishing and pursuing an effective Radiation Safety Program for this University.

It is the responsibility of all faculty, staff, and students involved in radiation work to familiarize themselves with the program outlined in this manual, and to comply with its requirements. Radiation safety depends on a continuous awareness of potential hazards.


X-Ray Operator Training Procedure

The process to get authorization to operate the X-Ray equipment in a Texas State University laboratory without the direct supervision of someone already authorized to use the equipment is a five step process.
1.      Fundamentals: (first)
This portion is performed online using the TRACS system. Once you have been granted access, complete the self study of the X-ray Operator training. This includes passing a 20 question test upon completion of the self study, minimum score for passing is 70%. There are two test, only one needs to be completed provided you make a satisfactory score.
2.      Videos: (second)
There are two X-ray safety videos that you are required to view. Unfortunately, they are not online so you must schedule a date and time to come over to the Smith House to view them. The total time for viewing is approximately 30 minutes. Contact me to schedule a date and time to view the videos.
3.      Hand-On Training: (third)
After successful completion of the Fundamentals and viewing the videos, I will give you a training documentation card to complete. On this card are three items that must be completed with your Principal Investigator (or his designee). The items include equipment specific safety items, protocols, and hazards. These three items must be signed and dated by the person who performs the hands-on training.
4.      Required Reading (fourth)
The sign-off is for your signature signifying that you have read specific sections of Texas State’s Radiation Safety Manual. The specified sections can be accessed on our website.
5.      Acknowledgement
The final sign-off is for your signature acknowledging that you have been trained on the x-ray device using the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and that you have reviewed the SOP for the specific device that you will be using.
When you have completed the training documentation card, return it to me as soon as possible so that I may document that you have completed the required training. Once your training has been documented, you are authorized to operate the designated equipment without the direct supervision of someone else who is already authorized to use the equipment.
               To register for the TRACS training complete the registration form by selectingthe "X-Ray Operator 
                Training" link at the top of the Navigation Sidebar on the left hand column of this page.
Thank You,
James Frye
Fire Marshal




Lead Apron Policy (PDF, 209KB)
<p>Required annual inspection of personal safety devices that are used in conjunction with the operation of an open beam x-ray device.</p>

rms008_XRaySafety (PDF, 321KB)