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Radioactive Waste Pickup

(RSM Section IV.C)

1.  Contact the RSO for removal of radioactive waste from the laboratory. Contact may be made by either telephone (53616) or email at (in the subject line enter “Radwaste Pickup”.

2.  The generator (Authorized User) will complete a “Radioactive Material Disposal/ Transfer” request form EHSRM-RSF-07 and will be responsible for accurately filling out the "Radioactive Waste Disposal Logsheet" form EHSRM-RSF-06.  

  • The form details information needed for accurate disposal of the waste.
  • Each type of waste (physical state) will require a separate form.

Wastes will not be picked-up without these forms filled out completely and signed by the generator. It is the responsibility of the generator to indicate any known or suspected hazardous characteristics. This would include ignitability, corrosiveness, reactivity, toxicity, or other hazardous characteristics.

3.  NO radioactive waste having bio-hazardous characteristics shall be released from a laboratory for pick-up prior to autoclaving or otherwise suitable deactivation of any infectious agent(s).