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Radioactive Waste

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Segregate by Half Life

Materials with half lives less than or equal to 88 days must be kept separated from materials with half lives greater than 88 days. Materials with a half life less than or equal to 88 days is decayed in storage for 10 half lives then disposed of as normal waste. Materials with a half life greater than 88 days must be disposed of as radioactive waste in accordance with the guidelines in 25 Texas Administrative Code §289.202.


Liquids are collected in plastic containers with screw caps of 4 liter or smaller volume. The liquid waste containers must be stored in a Secondary Containment capable of holding the waste containers contents in the event of catastrophic failure of the container. Liquids must also be segregated as aqueous or organic.

Dry Solids

Store in plastic bags inside of a large receptacle (i.e. plastic or metal trash can with a lid). Use a cardboard box or other means lined with plastic to contain glass or sharp material.

Mixed Waste

Waste that contains both radioactive material and chemical or biological waste. This type of waste requires special handling and disposal. Mixed Waste is extremely expensive and in some case impossible to dispose of. The EHSREM (245-3616) must be contacted and approval granted before Mixed Waste is generated.