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Mobile Food Units

A Mobile Food Unit (MFU) is any type of unit on wheels that is used to serve food and/or beverages. Examples include:

  • Food Trucks
  • Food Trailers
  • Push Carts

If your department is interested in bringing a Mobile Food Unit onto the TXST campus for a university event, it must first be approved by EHSREM and the appropriate parties. Please note that the Mobile Food Unit Application approval process is lengthy and requires President's Cabinet approval.

Cartoon picture showing different types of Mobile Food Units, such as food trucks, push carts, and bike carts.

Types of Mobile Food Units

Mobile Food Units come in all shapes and styles! They include food trucks, food trailers, push carts, and even bike carts.

Mobile Food Unit Application Process

For a Mobile Food Unit (MFU) to be considered for approval to operate on the TXST campus, the unit must be sponsored by a university department. Prior to a MFU operating on campus, the Mobile Food Unit Application and Mobile Food Unit Routing Form must be approved. Please read the below instructions:

  1. Director of the sponsoring department must sign the Routing Form as the "Sponsoring Department".
  2. The Routing Form should be sent to
  3. The MFU Application, along with all the supplemental documents listed on the application, should be completed by the vendor and sent to at least 45 days prior to operating.
  4. EHSREM will make a recommendation of approval or denial on the Routing Form.
  5. The Routing Form and MFU Application will be routed to the approving authority (Athletics Director or VPFSS) for approval. 
  6. If approved, EHSREM will sign off on the MFU Application. 

Please Note: Depending on the documents a MFU has the ability to submit, EHSREM may need to conduct an inspection of the MFU prior to operations on campus. 

If the Mobile Food Unit (MFU) is approved to operate on campus, the sponsoring department must still complete the reservation process with the appropriate department (Student Involvement, Campus Recreation, etc.). Please be aware that MFUs are only permitted in a limited number of spaces on campus.