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TXST Event Permitting & Safety

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Events and fun activities are an essential part of the TXST experience!

Permits and Regulations

Is your organization or department planning to host an event on the TXST campus? Depending on its characteristics, your event may be subject to certain permitting and safety requirements overseen by Environmental, Health, Safety, Risk & Emergency Management (EHSREM). Before any event may move forward, it is essential that all required documents are completed to ensure the continued safety of the TXST campus. An event may not be able to move forward as planned if all required permits and safety requirements are not completed. All proposed events on the TXST campus that do NOT require space reservations under Student Involvement, LBJ Student Center, or Campus Recreation (Sewell Park, Sports Fields, Recreation Center) must submit the EHSREM Event Request Form for event approval. This allows EHSREM to ensure that all permitting and safety requirements are completed prior to your event start date. The EHSREM Event Request Form does not ensure your spot will be reserved. 

Common Events

Are you interested in serving food at your event? Maybe you want to have a pie-in the face contest? Or how about a petting zoo? Many events require certain permitting and safety requirements to be completed and adhered to. Explore the below drop-downs to see what permits your event may be subject to. 

  • Events on campus are responsible for properly disposing of waste generated in relation to the event. At the conclusion of the event, the site must be left in a clean state without any trash, grease, stains, or other debris left behind. Waste and wastewater must never be dumped on the ground or down a storm drain, as this can pose a risk to our sensitive environment.

  • If your event is proposing to use products or processes which may involve making a mess on the ground (for example, shaving cream, paint, or chalk), EHSREM may require you to tarp the ground to capture these potential pollutants and prevent staining. Depending on the event's activities, EHSREM may require collection of wastes, such as paint and paint rinse water, and will provide waste collection containers for EHSREM pick up and disposal. 

  • Portable generators may be used by vendors on campus to power up appliances used for activities, such as mechanical bulls or cooking equipment. However, if not handled properly and safely, portable generators can contribute to hazards, including electrocution, carbon monoxide poisoning, or environmental pollution. In order to reduce the risk of these hazards, vendors must follow portable generator safety requirements. Please review the Portable Generator Safety Checklist and provide it to any vendors that may be bringing a portable generator on campus. 

  • Booths

    If you will be hosting an open event on the TXST campus where food and/or beverages will be served/sold, your event will need to have an approved Temporary Food Establishment (TFE) Permit as well as a certified food handler. The required TFE application and supplemental documents as well as the food handler training can be accessed on the food safety page

    For events, with food and/or cooking, a sanitary sewer discharge request must be submitted in order to properly dispose of wastewater resulting from cooking and dish washing. These requests must be submitted to If your food event will only generate handwashing water (soap and water from handwashing only), a sanitary sewer discharge request is not required. Handwashing water (only) may be discharged into a nearby campus building sink or toilet. 

    If there is a concern for grease stains, EHSREM may request that a tarp be placed on the ground to catch any grease or oils. 

    Mobile Food Units

    If your organization is interested in bringing a Mobile Food Unit on campus (e.g., food truck, food trailer, etc.), the event must be sponsored by a department director and the vendor must submit the application at least 45 days in advance. Please visit the Mobile Food Unit page for more information. 

  • Open flame devices that are permitted on the TXST campus include propane grills, sterno candles, and conventional candles (portable charcoal grills are prohibited). All open flame devices may be used in outdoor areas only; no open flame device may be used inside a TXST building. Additionally, propane grills may not be used: 

    • On the Quad
    • In door openings of buildings and within 40 feet of a building
    • On balconies 
    • Directly under trees or shrubs

    To use an open flame device on the TXST campus, an Open Flame Permit Application must be completed and submitted to EHSREM. Additionally, during the event, a 5 pound ABC fire extinguisher must be kept on site. To access the application, please visit the fire safety page

  • If your group will be hosting any type of event that will involve animals coming onto the TXST campus, approval must be granted by EHSREM. To request approval, complete the EHSREM Event Request Form at least 3 weeks in advance to request an application and allow time for processing. When sending the request, the vendor providing the animals for the event will also be required to provide liability insurance (see Insurance section below). 

    If the event is approved by EHSREM, the animal handler will need to be on site during the event to care for the animals and ensure safety measures are followed. The animal handler is in charge of ensuring animal waste is picked up and properly disposed of. Leaving animal waste or any other items behind at the conclusion of the event is prohibited. 

  • Prior to booking vendors and rentals for an event, notify EHSREM by submitting the EHSREM Event Request Form. This will ensure that our office is a part of the planning process for the event. By including our office in the planning process, EHSREM will be able to notify you of any potential permits and safety requirements that may need to be met in order for your event to be approved to take place on the TXST campus.

    If your organization will be working with a third party vendor to serve food, set up a mechanical bull, or any other type of activity that would require the vendor to come on campus, a Certificate of Insurance (COI) must be submitted to EHSREM. The COI must meet the following requirements:

    • Texas State University (601 University Dr., San Marcos, TX 78666) must be listed as an additional insured
    • The Description of Operations Box must state: The Texas State University System and their respective parents, subsidiaries, division and affiliated are shown as Additional Insureds to the applicable General Liability, Auto Liability and Umbrella/Excess policies. 
    • If commercial vehicles will be brought on campus, automobile liability must be included. 

    Common events that require a COI are mechanical bulls, portable ziplines, animals on campus, food vendors, 5K's and any other activity that requires a vendor to come on campus. 

    In some cases, if your organization is interested in renting an area outside of TXST, the company may require that a COI be submitted by TXST. If you need a COI, please notify EHSREM at least 2 weeks in advance and EHSREM will create the required COI. 

  • When planning large-scale events that will involve numerous vendors/equipment rentals or will have a high attendance rate (200+), make sure to notify EHSREM by completing the EHSREM Event Request Form at least 3 months in advance to ensure EHSREM is a part of the planning process. These types of events will also require that a site map be submitted to our office. By including EHSREM early on, our office can help ensure that your organization is aware of the potential permits that will need to be completed, as large-scale events may require multiple different permits. 

Campus Partners

Although EHSREM is here to assist with events permitting, EHSREM is not in charge of space reservations, parking, or other requirements (e.g., solicitation request, amplified sound request) set be campus departments. Please visit the appropriate departments website to make a space reservation, ensure parking accommodations, or secure other logistics.


EHSREM Policies

EHSREM Webpages

Please be advised that the requirements described on this page are administered by the Environmental, Health, Safety, Risk & Emergency Management (EHSREM) department and do not include standards/ requirements set by alternate departments (Student Involvement, LBJSC, Campus Recreation, etc.). Please ensure that space reservations, solicitation requests, and any other items are completed with the necessary departments.