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Not sure Who to Follow

We know not everyone who works or attends school at Texas State lives in San Marcos. We know people travel from Austin, San Antonio and the surroundings areas. Here are some helpful sites that will help you make an informed decision on weather or not to get on the road.

Texas State Safety & Emergency Communication

National Weather Service

Warn Central Texas

San Marcos Road and Sidewalk Closures

Austin Texas Floods

Drive Texas 

Comal County Low Water Crossings

City of San Antonio Public Works Department

Bexar County Flood


What Can I Do To Keep My Family Safe

One thing everyone can do to keep their family safe is make a plan. During an event one may not be able to leave their place of employment to go and take care of their family. This plan would allow one to have peace of mind knowing that their family is being taken care of. is a website full of tools to help you get this plan put into place. This site explains what different types of plans are and how to write them.

Another helpful tool is building a kit. This kit is full of supplies that one may need during an emergency. has a list of basic supplies that should be included in the kit.