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TxState Ready Planning Tool

Texas State Ready is the Texas State University on-line continuity planning tool.

This tool will help your department prepare for those adverse events that we call disasters. Disaster-events can be wide in scope (earthquake, wildfire, pandemic, terrorism). Disasters can also be more localized (fire in your building, or even the failure of your hard drive!).

The goal of continuity planning is to enable us to continue our mission despite these events. This Texas State Ready tool will guide you, step by step, to create a continuity plan.  Your plan will identify:

  • CRITICAL FUNCTIONS performed by your department, and the factors needed for their continuance.
  • INFORMATION AND STRATEGIES that will help during and after the disaster-event.
  • ACTION ITEMS that can be done, starting now, to lessen the impact of these events and make us ready to cope.

The Texas State Ready tool is designed for departmental continuity planning. Department is loosely defined as any sub-unit of the campus. It might be an entire school, college or division, or a small specialized unit. The tool is appropriate for all types of departments - instructional, research, as well as administrative and other support units.

The Texas State Ready tool is easy-to-use and requires no advance training. However, you must have a valid Texas State NetID to be granted access to the program, click on the "Texas State Ready Login" link at the top of the column on the righ. Enter your normal Texas State net ID and your password.

If you are the originator of a NEW plan choose start a new plan, you will automatically be designated that plan's gatekeeper. Only you can grant other Local Users access to your plan.

if you are already working on your department's existing plan select the appropriate plan to begin work. You must have been granted access to your department's plan by your plan's gatekeeper.

Appendix 1 of the COOP "Unit Continuity Plan Considerations " for a list of questions that will aid in providing you specific guidance for recovery planning of your area's Continuity Plan.

Appendix 3 of the COOP "BCP Minimum Requirements" identifies the minimum requirements for your area's plan to be considered and designated as complete.

Interview Questions that may be of assistance if you choose to conduct any interviews to gather information for you continuity plan.