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Meet Our Staff


Wendy McCoy

Wendy McCoy, Director of EHSRM

Wendy has over 22 years of experience in safety from Texas A&M-Kingsville and UTSA. She has an extensive academic background and her focus is to continuously improve campus safety culture.

LaDonna Tate

LaDonna Tate, Administrative Assistant III

LaDonna has worked at Texas State for 27 years and has worked for EHSRM over the past 9 years. LaDonna manages the office and assists with workers’ compensation.

Environmental Division

Shea Cockrell

Shea Cockrell, EHS Supervisor - Environmental Compliance

Shea is a Texas State Alum with 20 years in the environmental health and safety field. She has worked at EHSRM since 2015 and oversees regulatory programs for hazardous waste, wastewater, and stormwater.

Hazardous Waste Technician, Joseph Krupa, posing for a picture behind 3 full carboys.

Joseph Krupa, Hazardous Waste Technician

Joseph brings over 25 years of experience working in the environmental field. He is responsible for the collection of the University’s Hazardous Waste and assists with SPCC inspections.

Peyton Austin, EHS Specialist.

Peyton Austin, EHS Specialist

Peyton comes to the EHSREM department with 4 years of experience in stormwater operations. He assists with the University’s Stormwater Management Program as well as the SPCC Program.

Leeland Batts

Leeland Batts - EHS Specialist

Leeland has arrived at the EHSREM after 3 years of experience as an educator and interpreter. He supports environmental education and outreach programs along with food safety compliance.

Laboratory Safety Division

Chad Thomas

Chad Thomas, EHS Supervisor - Lab Safety

Chad, a Texas State Alum, has worked for the University for 25 years. As the EHS Supervisor for Lab Safety, Chad oversees compliance and safety programs designed to keep labs safe.

Elsie Romano

Elsie Romano, Senior EHS Specialist

Elsie, a Texas State Alum, has worked at Texas State in the EHSRM Department for 16 years. Elsie administers programs for biosafety, indoor air quality, animal safety, and occupational health.

Grant Davis

Grant Davis, EHS Specialist

Grant, a Texas State Alum, is a new employee of EHSRM as of October 2019. Grant provides support for the Lab Safety program through performing compliance inspections.

Fire and Occupational Division

James Frye

James Frye, Fire Marshal

James has worked at Texas State for 15 years in the EHSRM Department. As the Fire Marshal, James oversees compliance programs for fire and life safety.

Senior Specialist Angel Freytez

Angel Freytez, Senior EHS Specialist

Angel oversees the Construction Safety Program and provides safety training for Facilities Operations Shops and for various departments, He is your “Go To Person” for hot work and confined space permits.

Mackenzie Prahl

Mackenzie Prahl, EHS Specialist

Mackenzie has worked at Texas State for the past 6 years in the EHSRM Department. Mackenzie oversees inspections for fire and life safety infrastructure.

Risk Management Division

Katherine Beamer

Katherine Beamer, EHS Specialist

Katherine, a Texas State Alum, has worked at Texas State for the past 5 years in the EHSRM Department. Katherine manages workers' compensation, insurance policies, claims, and assists in risk assessments.

Emergency Management Division

Karla Munoz-Rivera

Karla Munoz-Rivera - Emergency Management Specialist

Karla comes from an extensive background in response and recovery from local government and non-profit organizations. She assist with emergency plans and the building emergency coordinator program.