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Treasurer’s Office

The Treasurer’s Office is a business unit of the Finance and Support Services division, reporting to the Vice President of Finance and Support Services.

The VPFSS delegates responsibility for overseeing day-to-day treasury related functions to the treasurer, who ensures compliance with relevant federal, state, system, and university policies and statutes governing treasury operations. The treasurer leads treasury operations, the unit that ensures proper stewardship of university assets and oversees cash management services, investment and endowment management functions, and student business services 

Treasury Operations:

Treasury Operation's cash management services provide assistance to campus units for establishing means of collecting, disbursing and managing university funds. The treasurer establishes all university accounts with banks and other financial institutions as needed. The treasurer also manages banking services, such as automated teller machines (ATM) and branch banking, armored car services, and any new banking product or services

Investment and Endowment:

Through investment and endowment management, university assets are managed in compliance with the “Prudent Person Standard” as defined by Texas Education Code §51.0031(d). The management must provide security of invested principal while providing the proper liquidity to meet the objective of the short-intermediate, long, and endowment funds.

Functional areas reporting to the treasurer include Student Business Services and System Support:

Student Business Services provides accurate assessment and billing of tuition and fees; efficiently applies and disburses tuition adjustments and refunds; and facilitates timely collection, accounting and reporting of student, department, and third-party sponsor income. Student Business Services includes the bursar's area that includes cash operations, the collections area, and the accounting area:

  • Bursar's area is responsible for billing and receipting student payments for tuition and fees, room and board, and other related semester charges; accounting for and recording all departmental deposits; and disbursing financial aid and refunds on student accounts.
  • Collections area assists students with financial holds on student records; collects on delinquent accounts; and administers the Emergency Tuition Loan and Short-Term Loan programs.
  • Accounting area ensures that transactions are correctly recorded and oversees adherence to reporting requirements.

System Support facilitates effective communication between non-technical users and technical programmer analyst for all aspect of treasury information including the student information system, Banner, and payment system, TouchNet. System support:

  • Manages credit card processing including Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, credit card merchant setup and administration, and website setup for most payment card applications or electronic fund transfers.
  • Designs, develops, and maintains student accounts receivable software and hardware sub-systems
  • Evaluates and analyzes the impact of the student accounts receivable systems on other university systems
  • Manages all ecommerce design, development and implementation
  • Analyzes large student data sets to help shape appropriate billing and student services policies