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About FSS Diversity


Committee Charge to Assess...


The FSS Diversity Committee is one of the committees on the Texas State University’s Roster of Councils and Committees.  The committee is comprised of members from the FSS division who are appointed by the Vice President for Finance and Support Services to support diversity awareness in the FSS Division.  The FSS division is comprised of Auxiliary Services, Budgeting, Facilities, Financial Services, Environmental Health, FSS Planning, Human Resources, and Treasurer. 

Members of the FSS Diversity Committee serve three year terms.

The FSS Division defines diversity broadly to include group differences (based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, or job group) and individual differences, including communication style, career experiences, cultural background, and other variables that make each individual unique. Each of us brings to the workplace distinct characteristics. Our goal is to create an environment that is inclusive, drawing upon the strength of the diversity of our division workforce to exceed the expectations of Texas State University faculty, staff, and students.

Each FSS employee represents a valuable asset of the division and the University. By valuing differences, we demonstrate our commitment to treating everyone with fairness and respect. Consistency is holding always to the same principles or practice. In this context, it is the uniform application of university policies, procedures, regulations, work rules, etc., so that employees are treated the same in similar circumstances. It is the uniform application that creates fairness.

-FSS Division’s Definition for Diversity