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May 2022 TXST Quarterly Team Award Winners

Round Rock Facilities Operations

Round Rock Facilities Operations Team
Vice President for Finance and Support Services

TXST Quarterly Team Winners

Round Rock Facilities Operations Team

Members: William "Shorty" Schwartz, John Rodriguez, Jessi Turnbow‚ÄźCao, John "JD" Wilson, Mike Moore, Gary Brantley

The Round Rock facilities operations team has been taking dedicated steps to improving work efficiency. Their efforts have reduced the need for contract labor and has saved thousands of dollars. Actions include attending workshops and trainings to learn new best practices.

They are in the process of implementing a digitalized barcode scanning system that will improve the speed of updating and maintaining inventory.

The Round Rock facilities team also keeps environmental health and sustainability in mind in their daily operations. The team is making concerted efforts to only collaborate with local partners and contractors to reduce their carbon footprint.

Most of the changes being implemented by the FacOps team occurred during turnover in leadership. However, thanks to their flexibility and dedication to efficient service, the Round Rock facilities operations team has taken their daily operations to a new level of excellence that is felt on both the San Marcos and Round Rock campuses.

Thank you to this team, whose time, dedication, and hard work has contributed to the continued success of TXST!