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EOM Winner November

November 2021 Employee of the Month

November 2021 Employee of the Month, Sara Emrys Williams

Sara Emrys Williams

Sara Emrys Williams, Administrative Assistant II, Department of Sociology, was selected as the Texas State Employee of the Month for November 2021.

As the Department’s Admin II, Emrys is the face of the Department of Sociology – both externally and internally. She is the frontline person to interact with visitors and she is the person Sociology students go to with problems. Everyone in the department from faculty, to staff, to students asks something of Emrys daily. Yet she does all her work with a smile. She is dedicated to serving the needs of students, faculty, and visitors, and skilled in all office activities.

Even during stressful and challenging times, Emrys is always a ray of sunshine in the department. Her distinct warmth and kindness is a common compliment amongst Sociology faculty, staff, and students. She is an excellent team player, helps build morale in the department, and always has a kind word for others. Many frequently look to Emrys as one of the key people in the department who keeps everything running smoothly. She is truly an invaluable and integral part of the department team, not just as a support colleague, but also as a friend.

Emrys is known not only for being unfailingly gracious, but for her great organizational and creative talents. Emrys has utilized her exceptional organizational skills and worked tirelessly to create a creative showcase of student and faculty accomplishments within the department. Emrys has also been greatly helpful with the promotion of the Alliance of Researchers in Aging (ARIA) at Texas State as well as the M.S. in Dementia and Aging (MSDA) program.

While she does an exceptional job regarding her duties as Administrative Assistant, she also happily contributes to other areas, and always chips in to help during busy times or when someone is out of the office. For example, in addition to her regular obligations and responsibilities, Emrys has taken additional work while the Graduate Programs Specialist has been out on maternity leave. She frequently volunteers to take on other tasks as they arise and even teaches herself new software and processes to get the job done. While Emrys manages all this, she is simultaneously pursuing studies towards a degree in the biological sciences with the ultimate goal of becoming an Avian Researcher. Emrys is motivated to excel in her work, both personal and professional, and takes the initiative to learn and master the skills necessary to run the department reliably.

Emrys consistently provides excellent service to Texas State students, whether they are Sociology majors or not. She is kind, patient, and respectful to all students, and goes out of her way to answer questions and resolve any problems or issues they may have. Students have repeatedly attributed Emrys’s patience and help to their continued success at Texas State. They have described her as “an immensely friendly and welcoming” person, “an incredible human being and a delight to work with”, that she “makes everyone feel seen and welcomed”, and as “an exemplary employee at Texas State”.

Congratulations Emrys, on your dedication and hard work, and being recognized as the November 2021 Employee of the Month!